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Xylazil-100 50mL

Xylazil-100 50mL
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Ilium Xylazil-100 is an analgesic, sedative and skeletal muscle relaxant in horses.

Contains per ml:
Xylazine base 100 mg.
Excipients ad 1 ml.
Xylazine has sedative, analgesic and muscle-relaxing properties.
All cases where sedation is needed, e.g. during transport, parturition, hoof treatment, small operations (e.g. dehorning), and as a pre-anaesthetic for larger operations (caesarian section).
Contra indications
Administration during gestation or to animals with pulmonary and/or cardiac diseases.
Administration to animals with pyometra, since these animals are often hypersensitive to xylazine preparations.

Side effects
Decreased heart and respiratory rate.
Hypersalivation and vomiting.

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