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Viotic Ear Drops (Antiinflammatroy + Antifungal + Antibiotic ) 10 ml x 5 pcs

Viotic Ear Drops (Antiinflammatroy + Antifungal + Antibiotic ) 10 ml x 5 pcs
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Composition:Active ingredients: Flumethasone pivalate 0.02% w/v Clioquinol BP 1.0% w/v Inactive ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 300
Indications And Usage:Clinical particulars - Therapeutic indications Inflammatory conditions of the external ear where a secondary infection is suspected. Otorrhoea. - Posology and method of administration Instil 2 or 3 drops twice daily directly into the auditory canal of the affected ear. Treatment should be limited to 7-10 days. If there is little improvement after 7 days treatment with Viotic, appropriate microbiological investigations should be carried out and local or systemic antibiotic treatment given. Use in the elderly: There is no evidence to suggest that dosage should be different in the elderly. Use in children: VioticEar Drops are contra-indicated in children below the age of two years. Route of administration: Auricular use

Pack :
You will get 5 pieces of 10 ml

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