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Vigest 500 ml

Vigest 500 ml
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Vigest supplies essential dietary factors in an easy assimilated form. Vigest is useful as a general tonic and appetite stimulant, and is an excellent energy booster for all animals in a ‘depressed state’.

Vigest is ideal for animals which are off their feed, weak or debilitated. It may be used to assist in the rearing of orphaned or premature young.


Boosts weak or debilitated animals
For extra energy and to maintian body metabolism
As a special tonic and appetite stimulant, especially for animals that are off their feed, weak and debilitated. It may also be used to assist in the rearing of orphaned and premature young.

Directions for use
FOR ORAL USE – May be dosed directly, mixed with milk or added to feed.

Small Animals : 2.5 – 5mL
Calves and Foals : 30 – 60mL
Cattle and Horses : 60 – 100Ml
Lambs : 15 – 30 mL
As emergency food, repeat 4 – 6 hourly
As a tonic or palatiser give with feed or as required
Active Constituents
Amino acids, B group vitamins, electrolytes and dextrose supplement.

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