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Tylofen 225 ml

Tylofen 225 ml
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Active Constituents:
Tylosin base 200mg/mL and ketoprofen 60mg/mL in a solution for injection into cattle. Product also contains N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) and benzyl alcohol. Available in 225mL amber PET vials.

Treatment of infections caused by tylosin-sensitive organisms in cattle where an adjunct therapy with a NSAID is indicated.

1mL per 20kg b.w. (providing 10mg tylosin and 3mg ketoprofen/kg b.w) daily by i/m injection into the anterior half of the neck for up to 3 days. Treatment may be continued with a tylosin base injection for an additional 2 days, if required.

Withholding Times:
MILK: Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded during treatment and for not less than 5 milkings or approximately 60 hours following the last treatment. MEAT: Animals producing meat or offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter either during treatment or within 10 days of the last treatment.

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