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T 500 100 ML

T 500 100 ML
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Active Ingredient

Per ml

Thiamine HCI

200 mg


Benzyl Alcohol 1.5% (v/v)

T 500 Indications

As an aid in the prevention and treatment of vitamin B1 deficiency in cattle, horses, swine, dogs, and cats.

Dosage and Administration

For dogs: Dilute 1/20 ml into 5 ml with sterilized water (2.0 mg/ml)

For cats: Dilute 1/20 ml into 10 ml with sterilized water (1.0 mg/ml)

Dogs: 1 to 10 mg

Cats: 0.5 to 5 mg

Horses, cattle and swine: 100 mg (1 ml) per 100 kg of body weight.

Administer intra-muscularly, once daily or as recommended by the veterinarian.

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