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Receptal 10 ml

Receptal 10 ml
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Each ml contains Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg equivalent to 0.004 mg Buserelin
Indications for receptal injection use:
True anoestrus
Improvement of conception rate(at the time of AI)
Ovarian cyst(Follicular), irregular oestrus, Nymphomania
Delayed Ovulation and Anovulation
Improvement of pregnancy rate(11-12 day post AI)
Improvement of post-partum fertility(10-15 days post-calving)

Dosage and Administration:
True anoestrus:
5 ml by I/m route
Improvement of conception rate (at the time of AI):
2.5 ml by I/m route
Ovarian cyst(Follicular), irregular oestrus, Nymphomania:
5 ml by I/m route
Delayed Ovulation and Anovulation:
2.5 ml by I/m route
Improvement of pregnancy rate (11-12 day post AI):
2.5 ml by I/m route
Improvement of post-partum fertility (10-15 days post-calving):
5 ml by I/m route

Withdrawal Period:
Milk- Zero days, Meat- Zero days

Store at a temperature at or below 25°C. Protect from light

Vial of 2.5 ml and 10 ml

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