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What is Propalin?


Propalin is a clear solution for oral use for the management of urinary incontinence in spayed bitches.


What is urinary incontinence?


Propalin has been formulated for bitches that tend to leak urine when relaxed or resting in their bed, often referred to as sphincter mechanism incontinence. This is a condition which is common in spayed bitches of certain breeds (mostly tail-docked breeds), although it can occur in other situations.

Often the incontinence develops a long while after spaying. Dogs affected by urinary incontinence will dribble or leak urine, often while asleep, and although there is no cure, the condition can be effectively managed.


How does Propalin work?


Propalin is safe and easy to use and works by strengthening the muscle tone at the neck of the bladder to prevent the accidental leakage of urine.

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