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PHENYL D 20% 100 ml

PHENYL D 20% 100 ml
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Each 1ml PHENYL D 20% contains:
– Phenyl butazone 200 mg.

Indications :
Phenyl-D 20% is used for relief and treatment of pain associated with inflammatory conditions in musculoskeletal disorders in horses and ponies as:
1. Osteoarthritis of medial and distal bones of the hock.
2. Arthritis of spine and arthritis of the stifle and hip.
3. Chronic hip pains.
4. Chronic pain in trapezius muscles and generalized arthritis.

Dosage & Route of administration:
Horses & Ponies: 5.5 ml PHENYL D /250 kg. b.wt as a single dose by slow IV injection for 3 – 5 days.

100 ml.

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