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Ovuprost 20 cm Cloprostenol

Ovuprost 20 cm Cloprostenol
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Injectable solution Prostaglandin (PGF2α)
Cloprostenol (as sodium salt) 250μg/mL
Cloprostenol is a functional synthetic analogue of the naturally occurring PGF2α. In the reproductive system prostaglandins (PGs) play a role in ovulation, luteolysis, gamete transport, uterine motility, expulsion of foetal membranes and sperm transport in both the male and female tracts. PGs are employed in reproductive therapeutics primarily for their potent luteolytic effects.
PGF2α causes rapid regression of functional corpora lutea, with resultant rapid decline in progesterone production. Luteolysis is usually followed by ovarian follicular development and a return to oestrus with normal ovulation.The precise mechanism of PG induced luteolysis is uncertain but may relate to blood flow changes in the utero-ovarian vessels, inhibition of the normal ovarian response to circulating Gonadotrophin, or stimulation of catalytic enzymes.
PGF2α also has a direct stimulatory effect on uterine smooth muscle causing contraction and a relaxant effect on the cervix.
Cloprostenol is rapidly distributed in the body following intramuscular administration. In cattle maximum tissue levels are reached within 30 minutes of dosing.
For luteolysis of functional corpora lutea in Cows, Mares
Ovuprost can be used in the following clinical situations:-
1. Synchronisation of the oestrus cycle for controlled breeding
2. Treatment of anoestrus One such programme is Prosynch,
3. Unobserved oestrus in cows with normal corpora lutea
4. Termination of unwanted normal pregnancies (
5. Termination of abnormal pregnancy (e.g. expulsion of mummified foetuses)
6. Induction of parturition (not for routine induction – see Code)
7. Retained foetal membranes, pyometra or chronic endometritis
8. Luteal cystsCystic ovaries may be associated with persistent luteal tissue, and treatment with Cloprostenol may effectively resolve such conditions and allow a return to normal cyclical activity.
Cloprostenol causes regression of the corpus luteum in mares. Oestrus commences 2 – 5 days following Cloprostenol administration, with normal ovulation occurring 8 – 12 days after treatment. Conception rates at the induced oestrus are normal, and there are no deleterious effects on foals born as a result of cycle manipulation. Ovuprost may be of clinical value in the following situations:
1. Unobserved or undetected oestrus (“silent heat”) in mares cycling normally
2. Prolonged dioestrus
3. Early foetal death followed by resorption
4. PseudopregnancyMares with a persistent corpus luteum
5. Lactation-related anoestrus
6. Induction of abortion prior to day 45 (e.g. following misalliance)
7. Nomination of time of service
8. Synchronisation of oestrus cycles
Single or repeat doses of 2mL Ovuprost by intramuscular injection in the anterior half of the neck.
Up to 400kg bodyweight: 0.5 – 1mL Ovuprost by intramuscular injection.Over 400kg bodyweight: 1 – 2mL Ovuprost by intramuscular injection.
Single dose of 0.7mL Ovuprost by intramuscular injection in the anterior half of the neck within 3 days of expected farrowing date.

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