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Oralade GI support 500 ml

Oralade GI support 500 ml
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Oralade is a dietetic complementary feed to help in the management of acute intestinal absorptive disorders, such as recovery from acute diarrhoea, as well as pancreatitis and post-GI surgery. It contains a balanced level of electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, with easily digestible sugars and simple amino-acids in an isotonic solution. It is low in phosphorus and highly palatable, making it ideal for renal patients. This product is also suitable for diabetics and hypoallergenic patients.

Microenteral Nutrition Support (MNS)

Glutamate and glycine
Functional amino-acids feed enterocytes and support gut repair

Simple sugars inhibit gastric secretions and provide ready-to-use energy

Ultra-low fat
Highly digestible, quickly absorbed

Hydrolysed chicken liver
Suitable for hypoallergenic patients

Functional amino acids
Glutamate and Glycine for enterocyte nutrition and gi tract repair
Taurine to support heart, vision and digestive health
Essential amino acids: L-Arginine, L-ysine, L-Carnitine

Simple Glucose
Dextrose helps inhibit gastric secretions and provides cell energy

Low fat and low protein: only 15Kcal/100ml
Highly digestible formula and only 12Kcal per ml, enable feeding an acute GI patient within the first 24hrs of care.

Simple formulation makes Oralade suitable for pancreatitis and for tube-feeding

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)

Ready to serve and highly palatable – 100% Natural chicken flavor
Encourages even nauseous patients to readily drink.
Free from citrates, preservatives or chlorinated water which have a negative impact on palatability.

Balanced electrolytes, glucose and nutrients
Supports gut health along with rehydration.

Isotonic formula
Osmolarity 300msOmL, enables fast fluid replacement and absorption, providing effective rehydration. Zero Phosphorous and Zero Calcium

Low phosphorus
Suitable for renal patients

No bitter-tasting preservatives
Highly palatable natural chicken flavour

Hypoallergenic and zero contraindications
Suitable for all breeds and ages of cat and dog, including renal, diabetic, and more.

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