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Norodine Equine Paste 45g

Norodine Equine Paste 45g
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Norodine Equine Oral Paste contains trimethoprim and sulphadiazine and is indicated in the treatment of bacterial infections in horses caused by sensitive microorganisms.

Active Ingredient
Trimethoprim 5.80 %w/w Sulfadiazine 28.83 %w/w Excipients: Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate 0.18 %w/w Propyl Parahydroxybenzoate 0.02 %w/w

Indicated in the treatment of bacterial infections in horses caused by sensitive microorganisms including: Escherichia coli Rhodococcus (Corynebacterium) equi Staphylococcus spp Streptococcus spp The product may be effective in alimentary tract infections including diarrhoea, respiratory infections including pneumonia, pleurisy, strangles, wounds, septicaemia and general infeDosage
Adjust screw gauge on dial-a-dose plunger to the bodyweight of the horse. Remove cap from nozzle. Place nozzle in the corner of mouth. Depress plunger depositing paste on upper surface of tongue. The daily dose is 30 mg of combined actives per kg bodyweight by oral administration. Treatment should be continued for up to 5 days or until 2 days after symptoms have resolved. Each syringe provides one daily dose for a 500 kg horse. Each division on the dial-a-dose plunger provides sufficient product to treat 50 kg of bodyweight. Replace cap after use.ctions

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