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IVERQUEST® DUO oral paste

IVERQUEST® DUO oral paste
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Oral Paste
Oral endectocide exclusive for horses
Ivermectin 1.78 g, praziquantel 22.29 g, excipients 100 g

Broad spectrum endectocide, effective in the control of internal (gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes, and taenias) and external parasitosis, such as lice and myiasis problems in horses. It contains praziquantel, the most effective antiparasitic against immature and adult forms of all types of taenia; when it is at its highest dosage (2.5 mg/kg of b.w.) it has effect in the control and treatment of Anoplocephala spp. The special formula of iverQuest® duo provides a pleasant apple flavor, which makes a very likeable paste that facilitates the complete dosage.

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Dosage and Administration
The 6.73 g syringe has 6 notches. Each notch doses product for 100 kg of b.w. Administer through oral route.

Commercial Presentation
Dosing syringe x 6.73 g ,

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