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Ectodat 60 EC 250 ML ( Diazinon )

Ectodat 60 EC 250 ML ( Diazinon )
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Each liter contains 600 gm of Diazinon

Emulsifiable concentrate Concentrated emulsifying insecticide used to eliminate external parasites on animals (such as scabies, ticks, biting flies and mites) on sheep, cows, camels and goats

Animals must be dipped at least once, taking into account that the solution is prepared only on the day of immersion, then the entire bath is emptied and washed well

A period of at least three days must pass between the last treatment and the slaughter of the livestock.

Animal milk should not be used until two days have passed from the date of treatment.

Important Notes:

Weak, sick and stressed animals should not be treated.

Animals thirsty should not be treated

Sheep that have been sheared should not be submerged until two weeks after that

- If wounds occur while shearing the wool, you must wait for these wounds to heal, and then use the pesticide.

Care should be taken when treating animals under four weeks old and do not spray chickens or cats

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