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Defending mix in 1 tablets

Defending mix in 1 tablets
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Indication: Canker (trichomoniasis, hexamitasis), paratyphoid.
E-coli and bacterial infections in general.

Symptoms: Loss of weight and general condition, the droppings are slimy end green, legs and wings joints are swollen, eggs are infertille, they sometimes twist their neck on the side, young bird sickness, sudden death.

Notes: Read instuctions before use.

Store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight, between 0 – 30 Gr.
Shelf life after first opening; One (1) year.
Batchnr. And expiry date: see package.
Avoid contact of the medicine with your hands.
Keep out of children.
Interaction(s): not known. Contra indication(s) administration with Bromhexine and overdosage.
For animal treatment only. Not for animals intended to produce food for human consumption.
Dispose of empty packaging and remaining product in the household refuse.
This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the small animal exemption scheme.


Trimethoprim 4mg / tab.
Sulfadiazine Sodium 20mg / tab.
Sepsinol 10mg / tab.
Ronidazole 10mg / tab.
Chortetracylin 16mg / tab.
Tab. Content. 50 tablets of veterinary medicine only for individual oral treatment of hobby birds.

Advice for use
Put the sick animals in quarantine.
Treat all of your birda, not only the sick ones.
Mix the needed dose in an amount of drinking water or feed the animals consume within one day.
Be sure no other water is available during the treatment.
Do not provide any calcium, grit,salt or dairy products during treatment.
After medication give your animals MULIVITAMIN (the day after last day of treatment.
Give a maintenance dose of MULIVITAMIN every week.
Disinfect lofts/houses.
Do not give the day of schipping.
In case of doubt or persistent problems, consult a vet.surgeon.

Preventive; 1 tablet per pigeon for 1-2 consecutive days.
Curative; 1 tablet per pigeon, for 3-5 consective days.

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