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Butalex 20 ml

Butalex 20 ml
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Buparvaquone 5%

Indications for use

Treatment of bovine theileriosis , caused by different types of theileria :




Mode of action

Butalex directly inhibits the respiration of Theileria parasites.


1. 2.5 mg buparvaquone / kg bwt. = 1ml / 20 kg bwt of Butalex

2. In sever cases 2nd dose is required after 48 - 72 hours.


Administered I/M in the neck muscles with no more 10 ml in one side

Withdrawal time

Milk : 48 hours

Meat: 42 days

Further information

Butalex Injection 20Ml with Best Price

1. Is acting fast (reach blood serum activity 3 h after injection)

2. Active against Schizont & Piroplasm

3. Effective during incubation period

4. Full return to productivity

5. Economical choice (1-7)

6. Can be used with other antiprotozoal as Imizol to treat mixed infections

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