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BLOATOSIL 200 ml Oral Antibloat

BLOATOSIL 200 ml Oral Antibloat
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BLOATOSIL is used for the treatment for all kinds bloat in ruminants. Available in 100 ml & 200 ml bottles

Ingredient of Bloatosil
Each 100 ml contains :

Simethicone as Simethicone emulsion USP ........ 10% w/v
Excipients : Anethi Oil, Soyalecithin

Direction for Use of Blaotosil
Cattle & Buffalo : 100 ml to 200 ml depending upon the condition
Sheep & Goat : 20 ml

Administer orally as drench OR intraruminally by using cannula or a long needle OR
As directed by the Veterinarian 100 ml & 200 ml bottle.

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