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Bayer Seresto/Foresto Flea & Tick Collar For Small Dogs and Cats

Bayer Seresto/Foresto Flea & Tick Collar For Small Dogs and Cats
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This collar is dedicated for small dogs:
weighing below 18 lbs (8kg)
older than 7 weeks
Seresto/Foresto® is an innovative flea and tick collar which protects pets from fleas and ticks for up to 8 months - without the need to remember monthly applications.

Seresto/Foresto® has been developed based on a unique combination of materials, also known as a polymer matrix. The collar contains two active ingredients – imidacloprid and flumethirin – which are released in low, controlled doses during a period of 8 months. The ingredients spread from the collar to the pet’s skin and coat to kill and repel fleas and ticks.

The collar kills fleas which may cause flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) or flea bite hypersensitivity (FBH). Seresto/Foresto® kills existing fleas on dogs within 24 hours. Reinfesting fleas are killed within 2 hours with protection against further flea infestation lasting eight (8) months.
Pre-existing pupae in the environment may continue to emerge for six (6) weeks or longer depending upon the climatic conditions.
Seresto/Foresto® aids in the control of flea larvae in the dog’s surroundings following contact with a treated dog.

Seresto/Foresto® is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for 8 months. In order to maintain an 8-month duration, dogs must not be bathed more than once per month. For dogs that swim once a month or more, the control duration is reduced to 5 months for flea control and reduced to 7 months for tick control.

Occasionally slight itching may be observed in animals that are not used to wearing collars in the first few days after fitting.

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