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Alamycin LA Injection 100 ml

Alamycin LA Injection 100 ml
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Alamycin Injection is a long acting antimicrobial solution for injection containing 200 mg/ml of oxytetracycline. Indicated for the treatment of diseases caused by or associated with organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline in cattle, sheep and pigs and can also be used in the control of enzootic abortion in sheep.

The recommended dose rate is 20 mg/kg bodyweight (i.e. 1 ml per 10 kg bodyweight) administered by deep intramuscular injection. The product is recommended for a single administration only. Maximum recommended dose at any one site: Cattle : 20ml, Pigs : 10ml, Sheep : 5ml, Piglets: 1 day 0.2ml, 7 days 0.3ml, 14 days 0.4ml, 21 days 0.5ml, Over 21 days 1.0 ml/10kg.

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