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Ainil 100 mg/ml Ketoprofen

Ainil 100 mg/ml Ketoprofen
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Ainil 100 mg/ml Ketoprofen

Injectable Solution/ NSAID (non-esteroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
For veterinary use only

Ketoprofen, 100mg; Benzyl alcohol, 10mg; Excipient q.s. 1 ml.

Indications and target species
Cattle: Antiinflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic treatment in cases of inflammatory processes associated with respiratory diseases, mammary oedema, acute mastitis, musculoskeletal inflammatory processes.
Horses: Treatment of inflammatory and painful states of osteoarticular and musculoskeletal systems, in particular: lameness of traumatic origin, arthritis, arthrosis, articular traumatisms (sprains, synovitis), fractures, tendinitis, foot affections (navicular disease, horseshoe accidents, pododermatitis circumscripta, founder), post-surgical inflammations. Symptomatic treatment of colics.

Directions for use and dosage
General pharmacological dose for cattle 3 mg of ketoprofen/kg b.w., for horses 2.2 mg of ketoprofen/kg b.w.

Animal species


Route of administration


3 ml /100 kg b.w.

Daily for 1 to 3 consequtive days

I.M or I.V


1 ml /45 kg b.w in the symptomatic treatment of colics

Daily for 3 to 5 consequtive days


1 ml /45 kg b.w in the treatment of musculoskeletal and osteoarticular system affection

Daily for 3 to 5 consequtive days


Use in pregnancy
Safety of the drug is not proven via clinical trails, therefore its use in pregnant mares is risky.

Wi̇thdrawal period
For meat: 4 days after the last I.M administration and 1 day after the last I.V administration. There is no withdrawal time for milk.

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