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Advantage Flea Treatment <4kg Cat - 4pk

Advantage Flea Treatment <4kg Cat - 4pk
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Advantage for Small Cats is a safe and effective spoton treatment for the control of fleas for your 4kg or smaller feline friend, with IMIDACLOPRID as the active ingredient. An easy and convenient once monthly application will produce long lasting results on your cat for up to a month.Advantage is rapid acting; fleas stop biting in 5 minutes and are dead in 20 minutes. Advantage provides effective control of fleas and lice; it prevents the development of flea larvae and kills reinfestations with new adult fleas for up to one month after treatment, and larval flea stages are killed in the surroundings of treated pets. Advantage is safe for both you and your pets it is nonstaining, non sticky and has no strong chemical smell, and is suitable for puppies and kittens from weaning. Advantage is water fast so pets can swim, be shampooed or play in the rain without affecting treatment. Use only as directed on the label and use correct size product only.
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