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Uvevit Plus 100 ML

Uvevit Plus 100 ML
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Each 100 ml contains :

Vitamin A palmitate 5 MIU

Nicotinamide 1 mg

Vitamin D3 1 MIU

Calcium Pantothenate 600 mg

Vitamin E acetate 2 gm

Biotin 5 mg

Vitamin C 2.5 gm

Folic Acid 10 mg

Vitamin B1 600 mg

Lysin 1 gm

Vitamin B2 100 mg

methionine 1 gm

Vitamin B6 500 mg

Copper sulphate 10 mg

Vitamin B12 5 mg

Zinc sulphate 10 mg

Manganese Sulphate 10 mg

Uvevit plus is a mixture of the most essential vitamis, minerals and amino acids which are necessary for normal health and growth.

Uvevit Plus injection is indicated in the prevention and treatment of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids deficiencies in animals, especially in stress conditions, period of illness, convalescence after infectious diseases, growth problems, nervousness and general u nth rifitness. Uvevit Plus is used also as a growth promoter in large animals.

Uvevit plus is administered by I.M. or S.C. Injection

Cattle's and Horses : 6 - 9 ml

Calves and Sheep : 1.5 – 3 ml

Lambs : 1 – 2 ml

These doses may be repeated at 10 – 14 days intervals

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